inspectRhas the best rates in Canada for Errors and Omissions and General Commercial Liability    Insurance coverage. Our member Partnership rates allow us to provide more coverage with more flexibility while keeping both our annual rates as well as our deductibles well below the competition. And our Partners can lock-in their rates for up to 3 years if they choose and avoid the shock of a price increase every 12 months. The inspectR Support Team will take care of all your customer complaints and for more serious matters we have a comprehensive Complaint Review Process which focuses on a joint resolution thereby avoiding unnecessary claims or costly litigation. That way you can focus on your business while we take care of your clients and your reputation. Since 2012 we have enjoyed an exclusive partnership with AON Reed Stenhouse Insurance of Canada whom have allowed us to provide coverage specific to the Home and Property Residential and Commercial Inspection Industry. That way you only get what you need and don't  pay for the junk you don't need or won't use. We also cover every possible inspection service you wish to offer your clients and we wont jack up your rate every time you add a new discipline to your business. If you want to know more go to the "Contact Us" page and our inspectR Support Team will get back to you ASAP.