​inspectR Partners Code of Conduct

inspectR Partners understand the need to be completely professional at all times when dealing with members of the public. Whether your a buyer, a seller, a realtor or a property manager we treat everyone the same. We are business people first and foremost and this trade is our livelihood so making a good first impression is paramount. We will be on time if we have made an appointment with you and we will contact you ahead of time to let you know if that changes. With that said, we will endeavor to make the best use of our time when we are on site and will not waste yours. We will carefully explain the scope of our services and the terms of our Client Agreement which you will need to sign prior to the inspection. So it’s very important that you ask questions and make sure you understand our relationship and the end result of retaining our services. We will not rush this process nor will we allow another party to influence the service that we are obliged to provide to you. Your direct participation in the inspection is strongly encouraged however, you may appoint an alternate party to take your place. Our role as inspectors is to be your extra set of eyes. We are there to identify and record visible and apparent issues with the property that may affect you. In doing so, and based on our knowledge, training and experience in the field, we will provide our professional opinion to that end. Upon completion our findings will be summarized in a digital Inspection Report which includes detailed photos or videos and we will openly discuss our findings with you for clarification purposes. Understand that it would be unethical on our part if we were to advise you or otherwise influence any final decision you make with respect to the Home or Property. During the course of our duties we will comply with all Provincial property rights under Canadian Law. Your Privacy is also important to us and as such the Inspection Report is for “your eyes only” so it will be forwarded directly to you the Client and a third party only with your consent. As inspectR Partners we are committed to making the entire process an informative and enjoyable experience for you.